Toshiba CIX 40 Cabinet


Toshiba CIX 40 Cabinet

$599.00 $450.00

Unique, wall-mountable, modular design
8 IP channels for IP telephone connections and IP Strata Net multi-system networking
8-16 digital telephone ports
4-8 CO lines with Caller ID
1-2 analog station ports
Add advanced applications as you need them for Unified Messaging, Call Center ACD and Reporting, CRM integration, Voice Logging, Web-based Personal and System Administration, FeatureFlex feature customization, and more!
Add employee stations, telephone numbers, and fax lines with ease
Fully upgradeable, protecting your technology investment
CIX40 Cabinet and Power Supply Unit (CHSU40A) and GCTU2 Processor


The Toshiba CIX40 cabinet is NOT a generic cabinet/KSU. The Toshiba CIX40 cabinet requires a Toshiba certified installer to install this card in your Toshiba phone system. Customers are responsible to make sure that the parts ordered are compatible. The best way to make sure you are ordering the right Toshiba CIX40 cabinet is to look on the side for the part number. It should have the following located on the side of the component: “Toshiba CIX40 cabinet “.

Remember, there is a 20% re-stocking fee which we do not enjoy imposing. So please consult with us regarding the Toshiba CIX40 cabinet or any other Toshiba phone system component if you are unsure of what your are ordering. Our goal is your total satisfaction and lasting business.



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