Awards Accolades References

Awards Accolades References

“ACD Telecommunications has been the answer to all my telecom problems. We started with an incompatible phone system with limited lines and constant problems. Within 3 weeks of our initial meetings with ACD Telecommunications, we had our new phone system in, all new equipment, excellent customer service, superb training for our entire staff of 80 and most of all, the system just works with absolutely zero problems.

When we were looking for new phone vendors, ACD was the lowest in cost, offering the same equipment and better warranty and response time. Its been over a year and ACD has lived up to their word to the ‘T’. All standard requests are scheduled for the next day, their technicians are courteous and very helpful. When an emergency comes along, they are there like firemen – and no matter what time it is, they don’t leave till the problem is fixed and we are satisfied. Plus, when I have an issue, I call the owner – no middle man to deal with.

In conclusion, ACD Telecommunications is a well organized company with lots to offer with the lowest price in the industry. Their technicians are knowledgeable, friendly and very pleasant to work with. I recommend ACD Telecommunications for all your telecom needs. Actions speak louder than words.”

Charles D. Fithian
Director of Information Technology
IT Ascent, Inc.

“We’re really happy with ACD Telecommunications.  We were under a rush deadline for a new phone system and they got it done in record time.  And they were able to set up a system that worked between our two office locations which is unheard of these days.  Excellent service!”

Pam Baker
Danco Machine, Santa Clara CA.

“We’re very happy with the system that ACD Telecommunications installed. I liked how they were willing to work with us. A lot of other companies just said ‘Here’s the quote’ and that’s it. But ACD Telecommunications really worked with us to find out what we needed and what could be done. I definitely recommend them.”
Harold Anderson
California Mortgage and Realty, San Francisco CA.

“The Panasonic phone system they installed worked out really well, especially for the price. Not a lot of problems and the few time there were issues, they were very responsive.”
Captain Jim Wickham
Mill Valley Police Department, Mill Valley CA.

“Anytime we’ve needed something they had to come out for, they came right away. Other times they didn’t need to come out at all and could do it remotely which was great. They’re very efficient. They get the job done, do it quickly, and definitely know what they’re doing. I would recommend them.”
Paula Gibson
Safety Center Inc., Sacramento CA.

“We’re very satisfied. They gave us a good product and are very attentive to our needs. Absolutely I would recommend them.”

Judy Dinicola
East Bay Ford Truck Center, Oakland CA.